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acrylic curtain pole

Acrylic Curtain Poles

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6 Foot Acrylic Pole RDA9066-91J5571 AC
USD $84.99
8 Foot Acrylic Pole RDA9067-91J5571AC
USD $127.49
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Qty per Package: 1 Pole
Diameter: 1.375 inches
Colour: Acrylic
Colour Code: ACR
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Quick Overview: 1.375 inch thick, acrylic curtain rod, available in 6 and 8 foot lengths

Product Description

Our acrylic / clear, 1.375 inch thick decorative curtain rods are durable, they look very modern and are available in 6 foot and 8 foot lengths.

Product Details

Name Acrylic Curtain Poles
Collection Lux Acrylic Collection
Material Acrylic
Length 6 & 8 feet
Diameter 1.375 inches
Colour Acrylic
Colour Code ACR
Qty per Package 1 Pole


Our acrylic rods are clear so you can see though them. Product colour may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

Drapery Hardware Installation

Installing drapery hardware is easy and fun. We have put together easy to follow curtain rod installation instructions, which will help you install your drapery hardware in no time.

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