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The Biggest Curtain and Drapery Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Curtains and drapery can really make or break a room. They can make a room by giving your space a polished look and tying in the rest of the décor. They can break a room by becoming an eyesore in the space. At Drapery Curtain Rods, we want to ensure everyone's curtain and drapery choices make their rooms. Here is how to avoid the biggest window covering mistakes:

living room with curtains

Picking out Your Curtains Once the Room Is Done

A lot of people make the mistake of choosing your window coverings once the rest of the room has already been thought out. It's easy to get excited about picking wall colours, shopping for furniture and browsing rugs. Once the other design elements are chosen, it sometimes gets tricky to choose curtains and draperies that perfectly coordinate with the rest of the space. Before making any major decisions or purchases when decorating or re-decorating a room, we recommend making a mood board with what colours and patterns you'd like in the space. From there, you can choose what upholstery you'd like as well as what rugs or other linens and, of course, what window coverings would look nice. This is the best way to ensure your window coverings don't look like an afterthought.

interior moodboard

Picking Style over Substance

It's crucial to remember the function of your curtain or drapery. Yes, window coverings can add a stylish look to the space, but they are there to filter out light and add privacy at the end of the day. If you love the look of super-sheer curtains, but you live on a ground floor property in direct sunlight, you will likely regret this decision down the line. Unless the curtains and drapery are entirely decorative, remember what purpose they serve before making any final decisions.


It's a common misconception that window coverings should be the exact same measurements as your windows. The rule of thumb is curtains should be longer and wider than your windows. If you hang window coverings higher and wider than your windows, it will make the space look larger, and your ceilings look taller! Here are some other mistakes to avoid when it comes to measuring your window coverings.

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Too Low

If your ceilings are less than three metres high, you should hang them at ceiling height. This is a Trompe l'oeil that will draw the eyes up and make the room appear taller than it really is. If you hang the curtain rod too low, it will not only let in extra light, but it will make the room look smaller than it is.

Too Short or Too Narrow

It is essential to take thorough measurements of your windows before hanging and purchasing your curtains. Measuring will ensure the curtains aren't too short or too narrow. Additionally, measure your curtains before hanging them just in case. In some scenarios, the width or height can vary from what the package says.

Make sure the curtains are 1.5 or 2 times the width of your window. You want them to look full. Remember, it's better to buy them too long or wide when it comes to curtains and hem them than having to add fabric. You can get extra panels, but this may appear too bulky.

Avoid Wrinkled Curtains

Like wearing a wrinkled blouse, wrinkled curtains can give the impression of a sloppy appearance. Before hanging your curtains or drapes, ensure you iron them. If you have a clothing steamer, you can steam them after they've been hung, but it's easier to press them with an iron while laid out on a clean floor. As we said, curtains can either make or break a space, and wrinkled curtains will definitely break the space.

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Mistakes with Hardware

There are many mistakes you can make when picking out hardware for your curtain and drapery. If you need to be using your curtains frequently, ensure they are not pushed through on a rod that makes it difficult to open and close them. You'll want a sturdy rod that makes it easy for the curtains or drapes to glide open and close. You may think picking the right curtain and drapery hardware is a step you can skip, but it can make a massive difference in your window coverings' look and function.

Rod Measurements

When it comes to hanging curtains or drapes, your rod needs to be the right size. It should extend on both sides of the window you're trying to cover. We recommend getting a curtain rod that is twenty to forty-five inches longer than your window so they can fully cover the window without letting in any slivers of light.

Rod Sturdiness

Your curtain rod must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of your curtains. There's nothing worse than getting the perfect drapery and then having them sag or fully fall off the wall.

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Drapery Curtain Rods

Drapery Curtain Rods is your one-stop-shop drapery hardware superstore. We can help you avoid the curtain and drapery mistakes you're making. We sell iron curtain rods and acrylic rods. We additionally sell specialty curtain rods like bay window curtain rods, corner curtain rods, ceiling curtain rods, double curtain rods and long curtain rods! Our talented staff can help you with curtain rod measurement, curtain rod installation and curtain rod placement. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!