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Cheap Window Treatment Solutions If you Rent a Home

Whether you are a military family or have just moved into a new rented apartment or home, one thing is for sure: you don't want to spend a whole lot of money on stuff like window treatments. Also, you can never know what to expect. So, you may be moving into a home with any kind of window size and particularities. If you consider the money it could cost you to re-configure a window treatment you already have, hardware, curtain rods, and brackets can add up fast. Below are some easy and cheap window treatment solutions that will help you save time and money.


Hanging Essentials for Every Rented Home

1. Adjustable Curtain Rods

Time to be practical. For those that rent a place, the best thing to do is refrain yourself from buying curtain rods that cannot extend in length. Instead, opt for rods with adjustable length that can fit any window (from 28”-152”). Anything with a basic, classic style will do. That way, you will always have a sizeable and dependable rod that will always work no matter the place you move into.

opt for rods with adjustable length that can fit any window

2. Command Hooks

If you want to hang lightweight curtains, then command hooks are excellent options. They vary in size and shape to fit your needs and aesthetics and are practical enough to hold up curtains (with clips) or rods (the larger hooks). Plus, removing them is a piece of cake.


3. Heat-n-Bond

Great assistant for tailoring or customizing window treatments and curtains to your personal design style and the windows in the space, as well as hem up curtains that you think are too long. You may use either the large sheets of hem tape and turn any fabric, from bedsheets to table cloths, into polished curtains, even if sewing is not your strongest asset, as long as you have an iron!

You may use either the large sheets of hem tape and turn any fabric, from bedsheets to table cloths, into polished curtains,

4. Grommets

Add them to any basic type of panel and see it transformed into a modern window treatment in minutes. Grommets are super easy to put on and hang curtains with.


Shopping Tips

  • Always buy curtains more than 95” long – It's always better to have to hem up curtains than down because the first one is totally doable while the latter is impossible and equals to a waste of money. Besides, you can re-hem your long curtains as you need per the home you rent each time.
  • Shop during sales – Don't just rush to the nearest store and buy the curtains you like. Wait for holiday sales or any other time of the year the store will have larger sales as a promo and then shop for curtains. Know that some curtain sources also give coupons from time to time that could save you up to 50% off each panel.
  • Return if you must – Once you buy curtains, bring them home, hang them up and don't make any radical decisions until after a few hours. If you feel that they don't fit well for some reason, you can return them to the store (most of them will allow that). The quality of the fabric will play a vital role in the way the curtain will look once hung.


Feel Free to Give Store-Bought Items your Personal Touch

You may like DIY window treatments, especially those that need no sew, but there are times when the price or convenience of panels you find at a store are difficult to resist to. However, what you can do in this case is add new hanging hardware and give a more custom look. Other fab alternatives include adding a ribbon trim down the sides and pleating the tops, but there is no limit to what you can do.


Make your own Drapes

If you find an affordable fabric, DIY window treatments are so much fun (and cost-effective solution).

If you find an affordable fabric, DIY window treatments are so much fun (and cost-effective solution). Consider the fact that you will need around 3-4 yards per panel depending on the size of your window, so if you can find designer fabrics for something less than $4-$5 per yard, it would be great. If the cost exceeds $10-$15/yard, then you should seriously reconsider. Of course, you will need to know how to sew because if you need to hire someone to make the curtains for you will increase cost significantly. In this case, better go for ready-made, store-bought panels. Again, wait for clearance weekends and holiday sales if you want to make your own curtains on a budget. Here's a video to help you sew your own lined back tab curtains.


What to Do if Long Curtains Don't Work

If long window treatments won't work (i.e. furniture is against the window, there is a sliding door, etc.), the best alternative to curtains are cornice boxes. They instantly infuse color and pattern to the space and adorn your window the best possible way. And, if your décor is distinguished by a traditional design style, don't worry. They require little fabric and a fraction of your time to make, which compensates for their modern look just fine! Here's a handy tutorial to help you through. That said, you could consider opting for a beautiful valance instead.


Customize Roman Shades?

Undeniably, Roman shades are so eye-catching. Unfortunately, when you move a lot, it's very challenging to have them. Will the new window accommodate them nicely? Not knowing the width of the windows of the new home, better prefer to admire Roman shades from a distance. Practicality is key when your lifestyle involves a lot of moving in and out of homes. The good news is that you could customize your Roman shades by adding extra fabric to the widths of the panels to fit outside almost any window!

If you rent a home, it is best to admire blinds and Roman shades from a distance!

Use Everything Provided to You

If the new home already has hardware, panels or curtain rods installed, it's best to try to figure out how to use that instead of burning brain cells to find ways to get rid of them. Sometimes, it's much easier and quicker to just go with what you are provided; not to mention less time-consuming since it will need less work on your side and fewer holes on the walls. If, for example, you have an already installed curtain rod, a nice idea would be to create a simple valance that can slide over the rod instead of more elaborate options. Now, if what's already there makes your blood pressure rise (say, there is a plastic valance and curtain rods are not an option), you could consider creative solutions that won't necessarily involve uninstalling what came with the apartment or home. In this particular case, how about hemming up lengths of fabric and using Velcro (super strong) to secure the fabric under the valance?


What to Do if you are Not Allowed to Put Holes in the Walls

The easiest and fastest way to hang curtains is to drill holes and install a curtain rod. Then, when you need to move out, you just fill the holes, sand and repaint the walls and you are off the door. But, if you are not allowed to put any holes in the walls, or you simply don't want to get into all that trouble so that you leave the place with sanded and repainted walls, there are temporary hanging solutions that could save your day. Using Velcro is one such solution. You won't believe how many uses you can find for Velcro and how effective it is in helping you hang simple curtains or valances. Here is a fun way to hang drapes using 3M hooks that we believe you'll find fascinating and super easy!


Easy Fix for Bizarre Window Placements

Chances are that you will move into a home or apartment with strange room layouts or window placements at least once in your life. In these cases, the safest and cleverest way to go is to think of solutions that will enhance the window and hide the problem. For example, for windows too small, you can hang really wide curtains that will give the illusion of a much bigger window and fill the wall beautifully. It will also help you bring attention to the center of the room or any focal point of choice rather than the tiny window and add balance. It can also be used as a technique to cover stuff like electronic cables and control panels.

If a room is a bit odd (i.e. too small windows) turn attention to something else other than the window itself

At the end of the day, what matters the most is that you feel comfortable and happy living in a new home no matter how strange its layout might be or the challenges involved in finding (or making) and hanging up the right window treatments that won't empty your bank account and will look pleasing to the eye. The key is to search for the more practical, easiest, and fastest ways to get your curtains on your new windows yourself. And, if you need some motivation or ideas in regards how best to hang some window treatments in your new place, you can always seek the advice of interior design experts. They guys at Prestige Decorating are doing an excellent job and have helped so many people create their dream matter where home is!


How do you hang your window treatments in your home? Do you use any other unusual, fun or creative way? Let us know all the details!