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How Curtains Can Make or Break a Room

Curtains aren’t typically considered a crucial element in interior design. People who are looking to update their space will typically invest in a new art piece, buy some new pillows or get a fresh bouquet of flowers before even considering their curtains.

However, drapery can really optimize a space. They can change the lighting, accentuate the windows, affect the perception of size of a room and add texture in ways that other design elements can’t.

Here are some popular curtain styles and some of the many ways curtains can make or break a room.

Couple curtain shopping

Different panel styles

There are a lot of different panel styles that will “wow” your guests. Here are a few:

  • Double Panel- the most common style of two hanging curtain panels. These curtains are popular for large windows like bay windows and arched windows. They can also be effective in filtering light through glass doors.

Double panel curtains

  • Valance- an addition to the uppermost part of a window. A valance can be a standalone decorative piece or can be combined with double paneled curtains. These pieces cover up curtain hardware which is perfect for formal, structured spaces.

Valance curtain style

  • Stacked Curtains- layered, floor-to-ceiling panel where you can mix and match both heavy and light curtains.
  • Single Panel- comes from one side of a window and stretches the whole way across instead of curtains coming from both sides. This works well for sliding glass doors or wide, floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Cafe Curtains- hung in the middle of a window. These provide privacy but still let in a decent amount of sunlight. These are a great option for kitchens or bathrooms especially when combined with a valance.

Different curtain patterns

There are a wide variety of patterns that will complement your space. The following are some great options:

  • Solid- a popular style because it either blends into the decorative elements of your space or stands out. If you’re looking to blend, pick a neutral or a solid colour that is a few shades darker than the colour of the wall. For a unique look, select a vibrant shade that can be found in other decorative elements around the room like throw pillows or fabric furniture.
  • Geometric- a style that adds structure to the room. There are arabesque prints, trellis, and plenty more shapes to choose from. If you want to add a bold look to a room, mix and match geometric curtains with the patterns in your other decor.
  • Graphic- these are definitely statement curtains. Graphic designs offer an innovative addition to any space. There are a variety of funky patterns that range from nautical to tropical to animal shapes. Graphic curtains are a fantastic way to add more fun to a bedroom for both children and adults alike.

Pattern curtains


Curtains come in a wide variety of colours, styles, fabrics and textiles. The functionality of each type of curtain varies. It is important to figure out what you’re looking for and how you would like to define your space. The two fundamental styles of curtain are as follows:

  1. Sheer

These curtains are typically made of gauzy linen or cotton. They give the space a light, airy, relaxing feel and allow for filtered and balanced sunlight. They can have an embroidered pattern or a solid colour. There are also silky blended curtains that offer a unique, modern and metallic look. They are perfect for living rooms, offices and bedrooms if you’re a morning person.

  1. Blackout

If you’re less of a morning person or you value privacy, blackout curtains are a fantastic option. These are typically made from rich, heavier fabrics like velvet or suede. If you’re a light sleeper and you want eight solid hours of sleep these curtains will ensure no sunlight is let in. They’re also a great option for babies and children’s rooms if your little one is prone to taking midday naps.

Woman closing curtains

Temperature control

On top of being a great addition to any room, curtains can also lower your heating and air conditioning bills. If you invest in thick thermal curtains that are lined with wool or aluminum foil, you can reduce the amount of hot or cold air lost through windows. If you close your curtains immediately after the sun sets these curtains do a great job of maintaining a comfortable room temperature. They also block out a lot of street noise due to their density. This makes them perfect for downtown dwellers. It is recommended to install thermal curtains over west or south facing windows in rooms you spend the most time in.

Man adjusting thermostat

Hanging new drapery or curtains is a simple way to redefine a space that needs an update.  If you need help installing drapery hardware, from curtain rings, to rods, to even brackets, contact us today.