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Picking the Right Window Curtains for Your Home: What you Need to Know

When dreaming up our perfect home, most of us tend to think of every little thing, from décor and style to color and accessories. Yet, we often overlook some of the little things that can indeed make the big difference in the end. Decidedly, window curtains are one of the things that fall into this category and lack the attention and focus they deserve. This may be because many homeowners are on a strict budget, which means that they try to cut costs from stuff like costly carpets and exquisite curtains. Or, it may be because they just opt for other window coverings to adorn their windows.

Picking the right curtains for your space will help enhance its aesthetics

However, besides improving the aesthetics of a room, a curtain also enhances the ergonomics of that room. Plus, it is considerably less expensive than you think. With the wrong pick, curtains have this incredible power to make the rooms look dull and dreary. Choose them wisely and they will lighten up the appeal of your space. To help you prevent disaster, here are some pointers to consider so that you can get the curtain-shopping basics spot on!

1. Personalize Every Room

What many homeowners do is simply choose the same curtains for all the rooms. This is a big mistake that should be avoided. Curtains, and window treatments in general, should seem like a natural extension of the room you are about to put them in. This could actually work but in very few select homes. Plus, you'll need to have interior design knowledge to make every space unique. In today's contemporary homes, where we like each room to have a particular style, theme, and aura of its own, this concept is a huge no-no.

So, try to resist the temptation to cut corners on drapery expenditure and pick a different curtain for each room. And, if you are concerned about the costs involved, why not start with one space (i.e. the living room) and slowly take it from there? There is no point stressing yourself to have curtains in all the rooms at once.

2. Color & Contrast

Don't fall into the trap and choose curtains that match the color of your walls. There is no such rule or trend that pushes us to go down that road. You are free to be creative. Interior design experts suggest we pick a color from accents within the room and play with it. Or, we could use curtains in colors that give a different vibe by selecting a color that's different from the ones existing in the room. This is a marvelous idea that works well in themes, from vintage and eclectic to modern and everything in between. Finally, flirting with a tone-on-tone approach is also a popular method to decorate your home and give the room a very distinct look. This is very appealing to those that love having their room with nothing but neutrals.

Picj a colour from accents and play with it

 3. Level of Privacy

The primary reason to have curtains is to make sure we have privacy when in our home. But, we also want to have an unblocked view, too. To keep away any prying eyes and enjoy the sunshine or beautiful views of the outside of your home, the curtain fabric, and weave play a vital role. Depending on the level of privacy you wish, you can find various fabrics to tick your boxes. For example, sheer curtains allow more natural light to enter the room and create cheerful, breezy spaces, but they do a poor job protecting you from others peeking inside your home. By adding an extra layer of solid curtains, though, you enhance your options. When you need more privacy, you simply close the solid curtains! So, take into consideration how adding curtains will affect your privacy and the flow of natural light in the room and choose the fabric accordingly.

Tip: If your home is cluttered and dark, adding heavy drapes that block out natural light completely can be unflattering and counter-productive.

4. Energy Efficiency

If your windows allow the cold and humidity of the winter months to make you shiver when standing close by, it's important to pick thermal curtains to keep the cold out and improve your home's heating system energy efficiency. Curtains give an additional layer of insulation to the windows, which in turns, reduces your power bills in the long run. And, during the hot, summer months, when you need to take in the sights outside without dripping with sweat, thermal curtains provide you with enough ventilation, too. You just draw them back.

5. Pattern

You can choose patterned curtains or plain ones depending on the style you want the room to infuse

Before you rush to the stores to shop for curtains, first consider whether you want to breathe life into your rooms by using an additional texture or some vivacious pattern. Maybe you want to create a bedroom that exudes romance and elegance. You can get that with some additional plush texture. There is no other easier way to keep your interior on trend and always fresh than with the curtains! You can introduce retro motifs, fun geometric patterns, mid-century prints or a velvety texture to a room quite effortlessly without putting yourself through major renovation projects.

6. Display

The way you'll hang the curtain will either show or hide its gorgeous style, design, and pattern. There are many different ways to hang a curtain. From the back-tab ripple fold, which is contemporary and pretty cool, to the more ornate styles, you will be spoiled for choice. Victorian styles also elicit a grandeur feel.

7. Small Details

So, now you have chosen the best possible option for your window treatments, you also need to hang your curtains in style and display them the most appropriate way. What many homeowners fail to do is put some attention to the curtain rod. However, the rod can add more style and complement your curtains a great deal. And, with so many types of curtain rods available, from wood to plastic, you won't have a hard time finding the perfect one that suits your style! But, besides curtain rods, finials are also important features of the selected window treatment that finish off the entire look.

How your curtain plays into the home's theme, the impact of the header, the selection of the details, and the final ambiance or the room should be well-thought of before making the final call.