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The Skinny on Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Opened venetian plastic blinds with sunlight in the morning. White plastic window with blinds. Interior design of living room with window horizontal blinds. Window slatted shades made of plastic.

We are living in an age where people are having to become increasingly cognizant of their ecological footprint. Global warming is nothing to dismiss. With polar ice caps melting to greenhouse gases wreaking havoc on the environment, it’s imperative that we all are doing our part, whether it’s small-scale or large, to help support the health of our planet.

You may be thinking, “What does a curtain rod company have to do with stopping global meltdown?”

Allow us to explain.

Did you know that your window coverings have the power to reduce the amount of energy used within your home at any time? Therefore, by simply choosing to install energy-efficient window treatments throughout your beautiful house, you’re taking a small step towards the big picture – taking care of the planet?

It’s true! In this article, we’ll discuss different types of energy-efficient window treatments you might be interested in if you’re looking to make your home as green as possible.

  1. Cellular Shades

Known for their honeycomb shaped cells that provide insulation by trapping air within them, cellular shades are the real deal when it comes to saving energy.

Coming into their popularity in the late 1970s, cellular shades strolled onto the scene when homeowners realized they needed to minimize their energy use. Coming in colours all across the rainbow, you can customize your cellular shades to fit whatever colour palette you’ve decided on for a room while reducing your heating bill and impact on the planet!

  1. Window Shutters

Due to the fact that shutters are installed directly on the window frame, the make wonderful energy efficient window treatments. Not only are shutters a classic style that never fades from relevance, but they protect the heat of your home from slipping out through the cracks that you might find in other types of window coverings. Seasonally, they serve the purpose you need – keeping in cool air conditioning in the summertime, and keeping out cool winter breezes in the winter!

  1. Solar Shades

Solar shades are particularly useful in homes that have a grandiose view, such as your prized cottage. The reason solar shades are a great option, in this case, is simple – they allow you to maintain the temperature of your home while allowing you to not have to sacrifice your view. This type of window treatment is made of opaque material that comes in a variety of opacities so that you can enjoy a summer sunrise without letting solar rays impact the integrity of your furniture or energy bills!

  1. Drapery

The name of our game, we’re thrilled to include drapery on this list of eco-friendly window treatments! Drapes have been around since the dawn of… well, windows! They come in a variety of colours and patterns and can truly make a window pop in the most stunning of ways. One of the best things about drapes is that they provide complete window coverage due to their outside mounting!

Not only does the thickness of drapes provide much-needed insulation, but you can also add a thermal lining to the backs of your drapes to increase this effect!

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