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Tiebacks: A Great way to Add Personality to your Curtains

Tiebacks are an excellent option when you don't want the curtains to cover much of the windows or block natural light from flooding the place. A few years back, we couldn't imagine any other form of curtain tiebacks than ready-made, store-bought tassels made to match the draperies, to do the job for us. However, today, creative minds are giving us such incredible ideas that go far beyond the typical hook-shaped tieback that adorned many window treatments in the past decades. Nowadays, you will decidedly find something to please your aesthetics, regardless of your personal style and design of your interior space.

How to Choose the Best Tiebacks for your Curtains: Some Basics

If you are not afraid to be creative, choosing the best tiebacks for your curtains is going to be a lot of fun (and super easy). Feel free to add your personal style to your home and put together some homemade, unique tiebacks. If you are not ready to take that step yet, there is a huge variety of tieback accessories in stores. That said, the overall appearance and size matter a great deal.

The size and shape of the tassel or the tieback plays a vital role

In detail...

1. Size

As a rule of thumb, the heavier the curtain or drapery, the bulkier and larger the tiebacks should be. For example, if you have heavyweight, velvet curtains, you may need to hold them back with thick iron tiebacks that should be wall mounted. Lighter options, such as sheers, will be just fine with a thin ribbon or rope tieback that you canfasten on each side of the window.

Tip: In general, ribbon tiebacks are not only a simple and affordable idea but also help you give an extra feminine touch to the overall décor of your room (not a great option for a man's cave, though!). As for rope, it will also work well with an industrial or nautical theme but will also blend beautifully with European décor, as well. And, the great thing about it is that you could either make your rope or purchase a ready-made from a hardware store!

2. Decor

The décor theme or style of your home should be considered when shopping for or creating personalized tiebacks on your own. For instance, if you love plants and have lots of them in your space, metal curtain tiebacks (perhaps, the shape of a leaf) can be the perfect accent.

Contemporary living spaces call for clean lines and modern design, so something with stainless steel would be ideal.

Rustic spaces, on the other hand, demand rugged materials, such as rope. In this case, you don't need anything more than a simple metal loop to hold your rope tiebacks.

Now, if you want to add more style to an already elegant room, strips of velvet or satin ribbon will be fine. Or you could try curtain tiebacks with crystal beads and fine metal chains.

3. Color

Undeniably, tiebacks capture the eye, especially if they are a different color than the wall. However, if you would like a more blended look, just pick tiebacks the same color as the wall or something close to that. The secret is to choose tiebacks whose color complements the curtains. So, if your drapery has a dramatic style, the tiebacks should follow that style. This means that anything too simple and plain will look mismatched and will definitely reduce the impact of your curtains.

Types of Tiebacks

1. Wood & Metal Tiebacks

Metal, wood, and fabric are some of the types of tiebacks you can find

Traditional tiebacks are U-shaped wood or metal fixtures that allow you to tuck the drapery into them and create a clean and simple look. You will find them in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, from rubbed bronze with button-shaped metal caps that offer a modern look to carved wooden tiebacks with beautifully shaped stoppers (or plainer ones that resemble doorknobs for cabinets!). Matte nickel tiebacks with decorative glass balls match with a wide array of decors. As for wrought iron tiebacks, they can come shaped like leaves to look pretty much like a garland, and are fantastic in traditional spaces.

2. Tassel & Fabric Tiebacks

Both tassel and fabric tiebacks are made to blend into the curtains, in a formal room. You may find tassels on the end of silk cords or metallic braids.

3. Knobs

Anchored directly into the wall, knob tiebacks have a timeless quality that makes them an excellent option for any style room. You can find flat discs, decorative knobs in many different shapes, and they can even be real doorknobs, typically made of wood and metal. However, it is not unlikely to come across vintage doorknobs with glass details to add a bit of sparkle!

Besides decorative tiebacks, other curtain hardware includes rings and hooks from which the drapery is suspended that come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Finally, many homeowners opt for hooks in formal installations where they don't fancy the idea of the hardware be noticeable.

And, since hanging curtains was a real burden for most of us, the new rings that come with clips on the end have made things simpler and easier because you simply clip the curtain to the rings, after you slide them over the curtain rod!

Unique & Unusual Tiebacks Ideas:

BeltIf you have some weathered belts at home and you don't know what to do with them, tying them around your curtains (for a finished look tuck the ends under and seal with hot glue) and letting them play the role of a tieback is a marvelous idea that will definitely turn heads! Attach them to the wall with cup hooks.

Vintage Necklace – Although all women love their jewelry, some pieces happen to lie around unworn for a really long time. In this case, instead of ditching them, allow them to work as a tieback and see what happens.

Burlap – In a neutral palette, burlap tiebacks add texture and a bit of interest to the room.

A necklace can also serve as a unique tieback!

Fishnet – Perfect with fishing or nautical themes, fishnet can work wonders to complement your rooms. Just cut up a pair of light-colored fishnet stocking (no stretch) or buy fishnet fabric and dye it to match a color in the fabric of your curtain!

Also, vintage lace handkerchiefs, bandanas, crocheted yarn, and interwoven artificial flowers can spice up the room without sewing anything! This means that you can change them in a heartbeat, should your décor or style changes! Just remember to choose tiebacks that are both stylish and functional, unless your curtain panels are created for decorative purposes only!