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Top Drapery Installers in New York City

You may feel confident in your drapery installation abilities but we can ensure it’s more cost-efficient, timely and overall better to hire professionals. Drapery installation experts can do everything for you efficiently and you’ll avoid injury, stress, as well as, damage to your walls, drapery or window. If you’re currently looking to install curtains and/or hardware in your residential or commercial property, here are the top drapery installers in New York City:

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Score Construction

Score Construction is located in Brooklyn. They specialize in not only drapery installation but also interior remodeling and window installation. Score is a fully-licensed and insured construction corporation. They’re a family-owned business offering affordable services and labour you can trust!

Phone number: 718-577-2258

drapery installation

J & T Home Repair LLC

J & T Home Repair is a handyman company in Wanaque, New Jersey that offers their services in New York City. Established in 2002, they perform drapery installation, pressure washing and many other carpentry projects. J & T Home Repair is accredited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency so you can rest assured their parts and labour will be friendly to our planet.

Phone number: 973-800-3548

Handy Andy Squad

Named after CEO, Andrew R. Russac, this company is certainly handy. The company is based on customer service and ensuring the property owner is satisfied with the service their handyman completes. Whether you need window coverings installed, a paint jobs, tile repairs or any other home improvement service, they’ve got you covered.

Phone number: 212-475-6300

drapery installation

5 Boro Handyman Services

As you likely tell from the name of this company, they serve all five boroughs in New York City. The owner prides his business on the fact that a high percentage of their business is from repeat customers and referrals. That should be enough to prove to you that this professional handyman service is a great choice for drapery installation in NYC.

Phone number: 929-930-1004

Master Window Repair

Master Window Repair knows windows. They specialize in window installation, repairs and replacement for storefronts to shower doors. They can additionally install drapery or window coverings of any kind at your commercial or residential property.

Phone number: 718-332-0612

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Ross Window Corp.

Ross Window Corp. is a window company located in Mount Vernon. They additionally offer their services in New York City. They were founded in 1956 and have since serviced millions of windows.  They offer drapery installation as well as screen installation, and skylight maintenance on all kinds of buildings. If you have a window you’re worried about covering, don’t fret. No drapery installation is too complicated for Ross!

Phone number: 914-668-2050 or 212-221-1800 or 718-884-8200

Drapery Curtain Rods

Do you need the right hardware for your drapery installation? You’re in luck! Drapery Curtain Rods is a drapery hardware superstore. We have a massive assortment of products, including:

Check out our website to see all of these products and more!