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How to Use Window Treatments to Make Your House Cooler

Summer is just around the corner and with that comes heat waves. The only way to truly escape the abnormally high humidity levels heat waves bring is to stay inside a cool room. This means preparing your house, and more specifically your windows, well in advance.

One of the most effective ways to keep a room cool is to block direct sunlight from coming in by using the proper window treatments. Here’s your ultimate 101 guide on how to use window treatments to make your house cooler.


Step 1: Pick Your Window Treatment Style

There are several styles of window treatments out there, but not all of them help with keeping the heat out. The trick here is to pick a window treatment style that is both fashionable and functional (and maybe put a bit of extra emphasis on the function part).

Here are some window treatments that are known for their ability to cool down a room:

  • Shutters: These thermal insulators have adjustable louvres that allow you to control the amount of light coming in and limit the amount of heat gain through your windows.
  • Awnings: Window awnings are roof-like coverings that extend over your home’s exterior and effectively shade windows from the sun’s glare and heat.
  • Wood Blinds: This kind of blind is so effective at blocking light that when it is completely closed and lowered, it can reduce heat gain in the home by as much as 45%.
  • Cellular Honeycomb Shades: The cell pockets present in these shades are great for trapping hot air and preventing it from entering the home.
  • Quilted Roller Shades: These shades have multiple layers of fiber that work to keep heat out and protect you from the glaring sun.
  • Blackout Curtains: A good ol’ curtain might be the extra line of defense you need to block out sunlight and reduce the amount of heat making its way in.


Step 2: Do Your Due Diligence

Once you’ve selected the window treatment that is best suited to your home, it is now your responsibility to make sure it does its job effectively. From putting it in the right place to making sure your windows are covered at certain times of day, there are a lot of things you have to take into account if you want to make the most of your window treatment.

Here are some tips and tricks homeowners have picked up over the years:

  • East and west facing windows need the most coverage because they have the most exposure to the sun’s radiation.
  • Awnings should reach about halfway down the window and have side panels.
  • Shades need to be drawn all day to work properly.
  • Curtains should be installed as close to the window as possible and be drawn during the hottest hours of the day.
  • In general, lighter colours like white are great for window treatments since they reflect more sunlight.

White curtains

Step 3: Get Creative

If your home still isn’t at a temperature of your liking after you install window treatments and take the necessary steps to make them work, then it’s time to get creative! This may mean having to sacrifice the aesthetic of a room short-term in order in make to yourself more comfortable.

Materials such as cardboard, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam have all proven to be good insulators that keep the heat out. Another not so pretty material that does a good job of blocking radiant heat is tin foil. Tin foil is resistant to heat, which makes it particularly effective at preventing the sun’s rays from coming inside your house.

You can also cool your home by planting vines on it. This creative solution is perfect for those of you that are looking for a more visually appealing, long-term way to cool down your home. Vines serve as an extra layer of insulation and the process of envirotranspiration works to keep your home cool.

Using this 101 guide, there’s no way you won’t beat the heat this summer! And if you’re on the market for decorative drapery hardware to finish off the look of your new window treatment, Drapery Curtain Rods is the place to go.

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