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Curtain Rod Bracket Buttons

Curtain bracket buttons are an additional decorative piece that can be added to your curtain rods and drapery hardware to make your window treatments even more beautiful. Instead of just having standard curtain brackets like most window treatments do, why not add a piece of art to your curtain brackets to make them look more trendy and fashionable? This is why we decided to carry a line of decorative curtain bracket buttons. Shop for bracket buttons below.

How Decorative Curtain Brackets Work

Our decorative curtain bracket buttons are very simple to install. All you have to do is twist them into the already provided threaded hole on the front of the curtain bracket and you are done. Our decorative curtain bracket buttons are perfect for making your window treatments stand out even more.

Curtain Rod Bracket Button Photos

Below you can see what some of our decorative curtain bracket buttons look like once they are installed with the rest of the drapery hardware that you can purchase on our site as well.

gold bracket button with gold bracket and gold curtain rod

curtain bracket buttons

curtain rod bracket button

Shop for Curtain Bracket Buttons

If you are ready to shop for curtain rod bracket buttons and design your drapery hardware click on the image below.

curtain rod bracket buttons

Bracket Button FAQ's

How do I install a curtain bracket button?

Simply screw the bracket button into the predrilled and pre-threaded hole in front of the bracket.

Can I use your bracket buttons on other drapery hardware collections on your website?

Yes, you can use our curtain bracket buttons from our Artistic Collections with brackets from our Fabulous Collection curtain brackets, Classic Collection curtain brackets and Dream Collection curtain brackets. however, keep in mind that if you want to have perfect colour matches, we would suggest you purchase all drapery hardware from the same collection. So if you want to have bracket buttons, we would suggest you purchase the rest of your drapery hardware including finials, holdbacks, rings, and curtain rods from the Artistic Collection.