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Curtain Rod Ideas

On this page we will examine a variety of different drapery rod ideas and setups, which you can apply to your own windows, doors and walls. Although there are no industry standards when setting up your drapery hardware, there are a few guidelines which should be considered in order to get optimal results.

Curtain Rod Idea 1

In this photograph metal drapery holdbacks were used to create a unique and beautiful window treatment. Metal holdbacks were used instead of a standard pole to create a truly unique look for this arch window.

curtain rod idea example 12

Curtain Rod Idea 2

If you have an immediate wall that limits you and prevents you from adding an extra finial, you can use a setup like the one in the photo below. This gives a very nice aesthetic look and creates the impression that the curtain pole is coming out of the wall. On the contrary, if instead of the immediate wall, you have an immediate window, you could set up a corner curtain rod, which would be connected by a curtain rod elbow. To learn more about corner window drapery hardware solutions please click: Corner Curtain Rods

curtain rod idea example 2

Curtain Rod Idea 3

In this photograph we have a great example of an arched window treatment. The curtain rods are positioned very high vertically which gives the illusion that the door and wall are taller. Another great thing about this curtain rod setup, is that once the draperies are closed, the entire window frame is covered, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

curtain rod idea example 3

Curtain Rod Idea 4

In this example we see a very unique setup where only one drapery panel is used instead of the traditional two-panel setup. Additionally the curtain pole has been set up so it is much wider than the door, which makes the door also appear wider, and more practical to us. We can see that the door frame ends where the hold back is installed, and therefore the curtain pole is roughly 20 inches longer than the door. It is also worth noting that the curtain fabric barely covers the door frame, and therefore this curtain rod could have been placed a few inches higher, which would ensure that the door frame is completely covered by drapery fabric.

curtain rod idea example 4

Curtain Rod Idea 5

In this photograph we have a great example of a beautiful door curtain rod application. The curtain adds a very pleasing aesthetic to this room by turning the plain opening into a beautiful drapery setup. The curtain rod is placed roughly in the middle of the wall which adds proportion and elegance.

curtain rod idea example 5

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