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Extra Long Curtain Rods

The longest curtain poles/rods that Drapery Curtain Rods sells are 8 feet long. If your window is longer than 8 feet you will need to purchase two curtain poles and connect them using a curtain rod connector (also known as curtain rod joint) shown in the image below.


extra long curtain rods


We carry connectors for the following curtain pole diameters

Iron: 1 1/8 inch pole diameter 

Wood1 3/4 inch pole diameter , 1 3/8 inch pole diameter


Available Curtain Pole / Rod Sizes

Drapery Curtain Rods sells curtain poles/rods in four lengths - 4 feet, 6 feet 8 feet & 10 feet long.

Long Drapery Rods


*The 10 ft pole is only available in the Artistic Collection, and it consists of two five foot poles, sold as a pair.


Passing Curtain Brackets & Passing Rings

Passing Curtain brackets & RingsWhen you use long curtain poles you will need to use support brackets. If you use regular support brackets your curtains will not be able to slide past each support bracket. The best solution for this situation is to use passing brackets and passing rings since this is exactly what they were made for. 
Passing Curtain Brackets & Rings 


Large Curtain Pole Example

Example 1: If you need a curtain pole that is 10 feet long, you will need to purchase our 10-foot package which is comprised of 2 5 foot long rods and a connector. In this scenario no cutting will be required, all you will have to do is use the connector to join the two 5 foot rods together, and this will give you a "single" 10 foot rod.

Example 2
: If you need a curtain pole that is 13 feet long, you will need to purchase two 8 foot poles. You will then need to cut both poles so they are each 6.5 feet long, and then connect them with a rod connector. In this case you will need to purchase the connector separately.


Installation Tips For Extra Wide Curtain Rods

When installing long drapery rods you will need to connect the two poles with a rod connector and place a bracket where the two rods meet. This will ensure that the two connected rods do not bend or separate over time. Watch a quick video below to learn more tips about long curtain rods.


Long Curtain Rod Photos

Below are some great examples of how long curtain poles purchased from Drapery Curtain Rods look like.

long curtain poles

long drapery rods

long curtain rods