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Passing Curtain Brackets

Passing Brackets - 5 Finishes

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Antique Pewter Passing Brackets BRM9059-94J5571AP
USD $42.49
Black Chrome Passing Brackets BRM9059-98J5571BC
USD $42.49
Black Passing Brackets BRM9059-99J5571BL
USD $42.49
Brass Passing Brackets BRM9059-14J5571BR
USD $42.49
Mirror Chrome Passing Brackets BRM9059-90J5571MC
USD $42.49
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Qty per Package: 1 Passing Bracket
Diameter: Fits 1.375 inch thick iron curtain poles
Colour: All Colours
Colour Code: ALL
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Quick Overview: Passing brackets for 1.375 inch thick curtain rods

Product Description

Our iron curtain rod passing brackets for 1.375 inch thick iron curtain poles are available in five finishes: antique pewter, black chrome, black, brass and mirror chrome.

These passing brackets must be used with our passing rings if you want to allow your drapes to slide past the passing support bracket(s).

Our passing brackets are available in five finishes:
Passing Curtain Brackets

Product Details

Name Passing Brackets - 5 Finishes
Collection Lux Acrylic Collection
Material Iron
Weight 0.8 lbs
Length 4.25 inches
Diameter Fits 1.375 inch thick iron curtain poles
Colour All Colours
Colour Code ALL
Qty per Package 1 Passing Bracket


Question: I am connecting two curtain rods together with a rod connector, and I want to I use a passing bracket where the two rods meet, is this possible?

Answer: Yes this is possible. Our passing brackets can be used where 2 rods join with a connector for support. With this setup your curtains will be able to pass on either side of the passing bracket as long as you use our passing rings.

Question: How far apart do I have to place curtain brackets?

Answer: The spacing between brackets will depend on the wight of your curtains as well as the condition of your drywall. Usually old homes have weaker drywall and may require more brackets. In most situations the rule of thumb is to have a curtain bracket every 4 feet.

An exception is when using a 6-foot rod, in which case you can usually get away with using only two curtain brackets unless your curtains are very heavy. If this is the case then you may need an extra bracket in the center for added support.


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