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Types of Curtain Rods

When it comes to purchasing curtain rods there are many options. In order to help you select the best type of curtain rod for your individual curtain rod application we have listed and described all the available curtain rod types below.

Caffe Curtain Rod

Usually used for picture windows. Always pocket style, and light sheer fabrics.

Traverse Curtain Rod

Traverse rods can be regular or decorative. They are always used for pleated draperies and are recommended for high ceiling windows as they make it easy to open and close the curtains.

I-Beam Curtain Rod

The I-Beam curtain rod is an aluminum rod used for any kind of pleated curtains. If you have sheers and decorative draperies we recommend to hang sheers on an I- beam rod and install a decorative rod on the top. The I-Beam rod looks much better than if you were to use two decorative rods and it costs less. In most of condominiums there is no wall space above the window frame, and if you have pleated curtains you should mount the I-beam rod on to the ceiling.

KS Track Curtain Rod

The KS Track curtain rods looks more sophisticated than the I-beam rods. You can hang the KS Track rod on any kind of pleated draperies. KS Track rods can also create beautiful, clean drapery style on the curtains. For something like this you have to make custom draperies. This kind of rods and draperies you can not purchase in retail store, have to be custom make.

Extendable Iron Rod

Can be use for any kind of curtains. Advantage - you don't have to cut rod on the size. Disadvantage - if we have draperies with rings it will not be easy to slide draperies because one side of rod is tick and second side is tin. If we have to extend rod more than 7' we have to use more brackets. For example, for 7' rod we have to have 4 brackets and when ever is bracket pleated draperies can not be slide,or if we have pocket panels they can be only between the brackets and it will be gap between panels. If we don't have enough brackets extendable rod will bend.

Decorative Iron Rod

Perfect for any kind of draperies. In condominiums, if windows start from the ceiling recommended to use ceiling brackets and make grommet panels. In this case the best size is 1 1/8 diameter rod Iron rod come in different sizes (look on our website different sizes and styles) We don't recommend 1.5" diameter rod for ceilings less than 8' because the finials are bulky(big) and the rings are big to.For this kind of rod we should have at least 6" above the window frame. There is beautiful selection in colours, texture and finials for decorative iron rods.With joint part we can create any size and we will never have problem to hang on any kind of draperies (see all of it on our website).

Wooden Curtain Rod

If you would like to have traditional look go for wooden rod. Always much the rod colour with furniture or picture frame in the room. There is great selection in stain colour. If we want to go with traditional look with little bit of modern  we can choose ebony colour or add crystal finial from iron rods to wooden rods. Always use pleated draperies on wooden rod. Rod pocket draperies style is to contemporary for rich traditional wooden rod. Rings on the wooden rods are big and we have to consider it about the wall space above the window frame, when we choose wooden rod. We recommend at least 6" above the window frame.

Clean/Acrylic Curtain Rod

New, very modern look. If you would like to have something really different this is clear rod. Never use  rod pocket style draperies if you have this kind of rod. We like the most grommet panels style for clear rods ( see the picture on our web.). If we use pleated draperies with more contemporary pleats as tack top style and brush nickel rings. They come in 1" and 1.5" diameter.